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PINK wanted to connect with consumers in person, at live events, for the first time in years!  Through much brainstorming + partnership, the #PINKBackTo______Tour was born.  Consumers entered a custom shipping container experience by checking in and receiving a tote filled with goodies that helped guide the rest of their experience.  Next up, was the “relax and reflect” zone where people could journal thoughts + ideas, listen to a short podcast on mental health, and just relax for a few minutes.  There were multiple photo opps and a dance tunnel that small groups could go in to “dance it off.”  Participants were encouraged to post their videos on TikTok + Instagram to be entered into a sweepstakes.  Last up, guests could write what they were excited about “getting back to” on a tag to hang on the wall!

The tour was live for approximately 5 weeks with stops at malls or college campuses in Charlotte, Nashville, Atlanta, Tampa and Columbus!

  • Ideation / Concepts
  • Concept Design
  • Production Design
  • Production
  • Installation
  • Event Coordinating / Planning
  • Event Oversite
  • Giveaways