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Converse enlisted SEG to bring a one of a kind brand experience to BeautyConLA, a conference that brings the best beauty brands and influencers together to celebrate diversity, inclusivity and a love of all things beauty. With a focus on customization, exclusive product, and ‘grammable photo ops, SEG created an unforgettable space that seamlessly merged the glam of BeautyCon with the authentic street style and performance of Converse. Fans lined up to get their photo taken in front the “Boulevard of Palms,” and shop the illuminated sneaker wall showcasing limited edition Chuck 70’s before stopping at the customization booth to pick from a variety of freebies including custom socks, totes, pins, stickers, and laces! The booth was constantly bustling with beauty influencers and fans alike, making Converse the center of the “Beautiverse” throughout the 2-day activation.